Volunteering for IJIFACTOR

We are thankful to our entire Volunteer’s and advisory member’s contribution by reviewing the Journal Indexing applications. IJIFACTOR would not be able to do the work that it does without the help of its volunteers.


·         Brij Kishor Shakya, United Arab Emirates
·         Naim Ajlouni, Aydin University Turkey
·         Fa Sh, Lecturer at University of Tehran
·         Dr. Osama Ajami Rashwan , University of Science and Technology of Fujairah, UAE
·         Basher Hicks, Yorkville University
·         Mohanish Panchal , Sharif University of Technology
·         Abera Abbasi, Professor at University Canada West
·         Karina Lamanova,  Admissions and Records Officer
·         Michelle Farhadian, Aalto University
·         Gelareh Mounir, University Canada West, Canada
·         Claudia Guzman, University of Turku
·         Hasan Birhanu Demeke, Sharif University of Technology


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