IJIFactor Certificate

Order an individually prepared, ornate Certificate

For journals indexed in the IJIFactor Master List and Having IJIFactor, we offer the opportunity to order prepared certificates. The IJIFactor certificate contains the journal's title and it’s ISSN(eISSN/pISSN). It is also available for IJIFactor (International Journal Impact Factor).

How to Order the IJIFactor Certificate?

To receive the IJIFactor Certificate please email us the Certificate Order form (given below) to [email protected]

Certificate Order form: Download here

Terms and Conditions

1.      IJIFactor Certificate valid for one year from the date of Issue
2.     Certificate cost: 10 USD
3.      Available only online certificate only
4.      IJIFactor Certificate issue to the Journal can use it as both Online and Offline
5.      Renew is required after one year( Renew cost 5 USD/Year)
6.      The Certificate will be issued within 2 to 5 working days after Payment Confirmation and will be sent an email.
7.      No Certificate will not be issued to the journal don’t have any IJIFactor or discontinued form IJIFactor Master List.
8.      No money will be refunded


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