Evaluation Policy

Evaluation Policy

Evaluation criteria for IJIFACTOR Master list Collection journals

Submitting a journal

When a journal is submitted for evaluation, IJIFACTOR editors consider it for all applicable databases. Journals already covered in a IJIFACTOR database can be considered for inclusion in additional databases.

Before submitting a journal for evaluation, ensure that the publication:

  • Must publishes peer-reviewed content.
  • Definitely have  ISSN registered with the ISSN International Centre: www.issn.org
  • Must have 3 issues published.
  • Includes English-language as primary language for bibliographic information and English-language cited references.
  • Must have a working website which contains all relevant information.

Journals that do not meet these minimum criteria will not be evaluated and will be rejected

The International Journal Impact Factor(IJIFACTOR) is a publication-level metric. It does not apply to individual papers or subgroups of papers that appeared in the publication. Additionally, it does not apply to authors of papers, research groups, institutions, or universities.

Process explained

All qualitative and quantitative along with many factors taken into consideration while evaluating the journals suggested for the inclusion in the IJIFACTOR and  indexing.

These include the following:

  1. Basic publishing standards
  2. Editorial content
  3. International focus
  4. Citation Analysis

No one factor is considered in isolation, but by combination and interrelation of data, our volunteer editors and expert committees are able to determine the journal’s overall strengths and weaknesses.

The evaluation criteria

Journal evaluation is a process guided by multiple criteria .These criteria for inclusion in IJIFACTOR are focused on consideration of Publishing Standards and Editorial Content. These include the following:

  1. Peer review. Peer review, as an indicator of the integrity of the scholarly content, must be present in all journals accepted for coverage in IJIFACTOR Master list
  2. Ethical publishing practices. Evidence of unethical publishing practices is an obstacle to assign IJIFACTOR for any particular journal
  3. Electronic format. Journals publishing in electronic formats (XML, PDF) compatible with our systems are eligible for Inclusion in IJIFACTOR. Print journals are also eligible but must have a online visibility.
  4. English language bibliographic information is required for all journals seeking IJIFACTOR

Selection criteria

English-language requirements

As mentioned in the “submitting a journal” section above all contents must available in English language

Peer review process

All suggested journals must have a clear and transparent policy of peer review process. All

Publications are expected to adhere to clear and transparent peer review practices and to refrain from making false claims about these practices.

Journal Ranking

IJIFACTOR provides Journal 8 ranking and it displayes like B, B+,B++,B+++, A, A+, A++, A+++  Where “B” is for Average ranking and A+++ is for Excellent Ranking.


The International Journal Impact Factor(IJIFACTOR) assign the Journal Impact Factor like 0.5 to 10.0 where 0.5 is for Average rating and 10.0 is Excellent rating.

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