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Jurnal Riset Teknologi Pencegahan Pencemaran Industri

  • ISSN(e) : 2503-5010
  • ISSN(p) : 2087-0965
Publication Language : English
Publisher: Balai Besar Teknologi Pencegahan Pencemaran Industri
Country : Indonesia
Frequency : Half yearly(2 issues/year)

About Journal :
Jurnal Riset Teknologi Pencegahan Pencemaran Industri (Research Journal of Industrial Pollution Prevention Technology) seeks to promote and disseminate original research as well as review, related to following area: 1. Environmental Technology : within the area of air pollution technology, wastewater treatment technology, and management of solid waste and harzardous toxic substance 2. Process technology and simulation: Technology and/or simulation in industrial production process aims to minimize waste and environmental degradation. 3. Design Engineering : Device engineering to improve process efficiency, measurement accuracy and to detect pollutant 4. Material fabrication : Environmental friendly material fabrication as subtitution material for industry 5. Energy Conservation : process engineering/ technology/ conservation of resources for energy generation.

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