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Imedtech (Instrcutional Media, Design and Technology)

  • ISSN(e) : 2580-6033
Publication Language : Indonesia
Publisher: P2M STKIP Citra Bakti
Country : Indonesia
Frequency : Half yearly(2 issues/year)

About Journal :
Imedtech journal is a vehicle to publish a research Imedtech Journal in accordance with its acronym, namely: Instructional Media, Design and Technology is a journal that focuses on Instructional Technology or Technology Learning / Education. As a Body of Knowledge instructional technology or learning technology, this journal has the following scope: Articles related to the design of learning systems, learning strategies and objects of study about students and their characteristics, Articles related to the development area, such as: the development of print technology based such as teaching materials, learning media, audiovisual technology, computer-based technology and integrated technology, Articles related to the area of ​​utilization, such as: media use, diffusion of innovation and implementation of institutions and policies and regulations Articles related to management areas, such as central management and learning resources, delivery systems (online learning) and management of learning information, and Articles related to the assessment area, such as formative and summative evaluation related.

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