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International Ayurvedic Medical Journal (IAMJ)

  • ISSN(e) : 2320-5091
Publication Language : English
Publisher: International Ayurvedic Medical Journal (IAMJ)
Country : India
Frequency : Monthly(12 issues/year)

About Journal :
The International Ayurvedic Medical Journal (IAMJ) is an Open Access official Publication of IAMJ. IAMJ is an Inter-disciplinary platform for Integrative health sciences, Bio-Medicine and other contemporary health sciences, to promote safe and effective inexpensive global health. IAMJ inspires collaboration and transformation of knowledge between professional, academic and different scientific communities. It publishes critical aspects of knowledgeable and scientific communication focused on Ayurveda, Biomedicine to facilitate integrative approaches. A full length of manuscripts explaining and exploring Principles of Ayurveda traditional medicine; allied sciences, clinical research, Evidence-based clinical practice of Ayurveda and its research skills. The Journal also encourages articles examining the biological effect of traditional medicines, pharmacological and physiological interventions. It welcomes that efforts to design and development of new protocols, reporting standards, process, methods, pharmaceutics, quality control, instruments, clinical practice and translation into health care systems.

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Under Evaluation
Under Evaluation
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