• Quality of IJIFACTOR Indexed journals

    Quality of IJIFACTOR Indexed journals

    IJIFACTOR has always been emphasizing on the quality of the journals and has introduced advanced 20-point criteria to evaluate the journal and include in the Master list to increase the Quality of IJIFACTOR Indexed journals IJIFACTOR rejects the journals which have a lack of peer review process. Which means that the journal which emphasizes publication ethics and maintains high standard gets indexed in the IJIFACTOR indexing list. In 2018 IJIFACTOR introduced the 20 point criteria system. This is a very advanced technique and unique of its kind to check the quality of journals. Many of the journals fail to qualify the criteria. So this takes a long time to include…

  • How IJIFACTOR helps scholars to find the right Journal

    How IJIFACTOR helps scholars to find the right Journal

    IJIFACTOR has been a fastest growing Journal indexing Agency whose aim to build a high-quality research directory to provide all information about International Journals and periodicals. As a scholar, you can find the right journal from the IJIFACTOR and submit your research work to the Journal Editorial Board. Finding the right Journal from IJIFACTOR All accepted journal has been listed under 13 primary subjects at the home page. As a scholar, you can select the primary topic and then select the secondary subject to find a list of journals. The IJIFACTOR Master list having several journals on a particular topic. As a user, you can compare the journals and choose…

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    Free journal indexing services

    Journal indexing is important for every journal. Indexing brings larger visibility and increases the acceptability of the journal. So free journal indexing services are the best sources to find the journals. IJIFactor provides free journal indexing services for all journals and periodicals for all national and international journals worldwide. In IJIFactor 13 different primary subjects and classifications has been done so it’s very easy to search any journal of any topic. Free journal indexing services like IJIFactor is becoming very popular among different research scholars and students which helps them to find the right journal. In the journal details page you can also find the related journals Procedure to check…

  • Qualified journals for the assignemnt of IJIFACTOR

    Qualified Journals for the assignment of IJIFactor

    IJIFACTOR has been working continuously to improve the research finding experience of the scholars and researchers. We would like to congratulate all the editors for who have received the IJIFACTOR successfully and the Journal Ranking. The following journals are qualified for the assignment of IJIFactor International Journal of Research in AYUSH and Pharmaceutical Sciences About Journal: International Journal of Research in AYUSH and Pharmaceutical Sciences (IJRAPS) is an international peer-reviewed Monthly open-access Online journal. The aim of the journal is to increase the impact of research in both academic and industry, with a strong emphasis on quality and originality. https://ijraps.in/index.php/ijraps/indexing http://www.ijifactor.com/journaldetails.php?JOURNAL=JIF36&NAME=International_Journal_of_Research_in_AYUSH_and_Pharmaceutical_Sciences Journal of Research in Education and Teaching About Journal:…

  • Benefits of being indexed in IJIFACTOR

    Benefits of being indexed in IJIFACTOR

    With the mission to increase the visibility, reputation, accessibility and impact of quality, peer-reviewed, open access scholarly research journals globally, regardless of discipline, geography or language IJIFACTOR works with all editors, publishers to maintain high standard and maintain publication ethics for quality research publications. In this article we will discuss the Benefits of being indexed in IJIFACTOR. Increase visibility and impact of Journal The indexing in Ijifactor increases the visibility and the impact of the journal where the search process of Ijifactor matches the exact keyword and subject of research suggests the journal to the researcher. In this way it will helps the researchers to find the desire journal for…

  • Journal indexing agencies

    Journal Indexing Agencies

    This article will show you some of the Journal indexing agencies and how to do get your journal indexed? Journal indexing agencies Before going to the details let us understand some of the following important points. Journal indexing means. Indexing a database of higher scientific journals having a good track record of maintaining the ethics and quality in terms of publication. Indexing journals considered to be higher quality in comparison to any non-index journals. Indexing of a journal provides better visibility of the journal with a wider user. Being visible and accessible to larger people will cause better quality papers and results.   Also read:  How to submit journal for…

  • how to get journal impact factor

    How to get journal impact factor

    Do you want to increase the importance and visibility of your journal? Then apply for journal impact factor or IJIFACTOR. This article will guide you on how to get journal impact factor? How to get journal impact factor Before going to understand the process you must know why the Journal Impact factor is important for any journal? Well, the answer is very simple !! The quality of the journal gets reflected through journal impact factor and the visibility gets increased with the Indexing in the IJIFACTOR. Steps to follow before applying for the Journal Impact Factor.   Applying for the Journal Impact factor the submitter needs much information so as…

  • Recently Submitted Journals in ijifactor

    Recently Submitted Journals in ijifactor

    “Recently submitted journals” is a section in ijifactor.com which list all journals submitted recently. If any new journal suggested into the master list of IJIFACTOR then it can be viewed from this section. Recently Submitted Journals in ijifactor     Submission to the IJIFACTOR for the Impact factor can be done through this link http://ijifactor.com/journalsubmit.php where more than 12 primary topics are present to categorize the topics and the journals to search. Submission takes a few other information. After submission of all the data the submitter submits it to the IJIFACTOR. Once it got accepted for evaluation for International Journal Impact Factor(IJIFACTOR) it gets displayed in the Recently Submitted Journals…

  • how to submit journal for journal impact factor

    How to submit journal for journal impact factor

    The impact factor is the most important for any journal which indicates the visibility and over all quality of the Journal. In this article will guide you to how to submit journal for journal impact factor. How to submit journal for journal impact factor Journal Impact factor or International Journal Impact factor: IJIFACTOR is very popular metrics of measuring the impact of the Journal. The process of evaluating the IJIFACTOR depends upon various factors like  Journal’s Editorial board, Continuity of publication over the years, Number of papers published per issue, H-Index, Citations, References, Library affiliated, Organization and Universities referred, Number of indexing in reputed database etc. How to submit? If…